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Basic Skills


Warrior Skills

Training- Several types of weapons are no use in the hands of the untrained. From learning the finesse of a versatile long sword to the strength conditioning needed for using a massive great axe, training is needed to use certain weapons effectively.


Long Weapon/Shield/Staff/Light Crossbow-  2 xp

Bastard Weapon/Spear/Longbow/Crossbow-  3 xp

Great Weapon/ Heavy Crossbow-  4xp

Polearm- 4xp


Weapon Proficiencies- To be proficient in the use of weapons is a rite of passage for young warriors. There is much difference between a child swatting at a foe with a weapon and a skilled swordsman diligently parrying and using calculated strikes at noted weak points. To get the next level prof. you must have learned the previous level.


Proficiency     Cost

Lvl 1- +1 damage       1 xp               Lvl 11- +3 damage    7 xp

Lvl 2- +1 damage      2 xp                Lvl 12- +3 damage    7 xp

Lvl 3- +1 damage      3 xp                Lvl 13- +3 damage    7 xp

Lvl 4- +1 damage      4 xp                Lvl 14- +3 damage    7 xp

Lvl 5- +1 damage      5 xp                Lvl 15- +3 damage    7 xp

Lvl 6- +2 damage      5 xp                Lvl 16- +4 damage   10 xp

Lvl 7- +2 damage      5 xp                Lvl 17- +4 damage   10 xp

Lvl 8- +2 damage      5 xp                Lvl 18- +4 damage   10 xp

Lvl 9- +2 damage      5 xp                Lvl 19- +4 damage   10 xp

Lvl 10- +2 damage    5 xp                Lvl 20- +4 damage   10 xp


Focus- Every warrior has his or her favored weapon, a weapon that from extensive practice and use they can perform with like no other. A Player chooses a specific type and size of weapon, i.e. long sword or great axe. Focus may only be learned once.


Weapon Focus- 5 xp, requires proficiency level 5 in chosen weapon

+3 damage, weapon type may not be disarmed.  



Armor Proficiencies- This is the ability to use different types of armor, the proficiency represents your characterís rigorous endurance and strength training to compensate for the weight of the armor in his/her movements. Each level must be purchased before the next.  

   Cloth- none

Lvl 1    Leather- 1 xp                         Lvl 5    Chain-5 xp                            

Lvl 2    Studded Leather- 2 xp           Lvl 6    Scale- 6 xp

Lvl 3    Hard Leather- 3 xp                Lvl 7    Plate- 7 xp                            

Lvl 4    Brigandine- 4 xp                   Lvl 8    Plate and Chain- 8 xp

                                                                            Scholar Skills

Read/Write- 1 xp

This is the ability to read, write and speak common. Additional purchasing of this skill allows additional languages to be comprehended in the same fashion.


Research- This is the expansion of your ability to learn and develop skills, formulas, and techniques on your own rather then be taught as well as learn new spells and write them into your book. Purchase of this skill is a 1:1 ratio.


Enchantment Lore- 3 xp

This is the ability to recognize any magic item as magical and to use it, though it does not provide the ability to identify the items.


Read/Write Magic- 5 xp requirements- Read/Write

This is the rite of passage for every wizard. This includes the comprehension of all magical writings and allows you to cast wizardry magic. Read/Write Magic provides the first two level 1 spell slots and 2 research to learn your first 2 spells.


Clerical Lore- 5 xp

This is the basic teachings for any healer, as it allows you to cast clerical magic. It also Includes the first two level 1 spell slots and 2 research to learn your first 2 spells.


First Aid-3xp

Learning this skill includes the ability to identify the state of any wound, poison, metabolism, etc. of any creature and to stabilize as well as heal them to consciousness(1 hp) without the use of magic. To identify what condition target is in you must be within weapons reach and ask one of the questions from the table below. Simply say "First aid....." and the target will respond out of game, there is no actual in game conversation when using this skill.

Are you dead? (yes/no)

How injured are you? (I am down x hp)

Are you poisoned? (yes/no)

Do you have a living metabolism? (yes/no)

Are you bleeding to death? (yea/no)


Nature Lore- 3xp

Grants knowledge of nature and its inhabitants, avoid confrontations in the wild and survive for long periods of time. Allows character to speak with animals normally.


Druidís Lore- 5 xp requirements- Nature Lore

This is the beginning for the path of the druid, it includes the first two level 1 spell slots and 2 research to learn your first 2 spells.


                                                                                     Magic Skills


Preparation- 2 xp

The prepared spell takes up one extra slot of the same lvl, or one single slot that is 1 lvl higher in order to double the effect of a spell.

Extend Duration- 2 xp

Allows a spell to take up an extra slot 1 lvl lower, 2 extra slots 2 lvls lower, or 3 slots 3 lvls lower in order to double the duration.

Sphere Focus-  5 xp

Allows Caster to add 50% to the effect or duration of a spell in the sphere they chose. This focus may only be learned once.



Concentration- 2 xp

Allows you to use 2 slots of the same lvl or 1 higher to double the effect of a spell.



Attunement- 5 xp

Allows you to meditate to empower druidic spells. Must spend 2 minutes per spell per spell lvl meditating in nature, if interrupted at all, must start cycle over. After meditation is complete, spell is considered ready to be cast as if prepared or the duration extended.