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Character Creation

Starting Xp(experience)

Xp, or experience is the basic unit of how powerful or how long a character has been around. This is sometimes referred to as a level in most video games. When creating a character you must decide what his or her priorities are. The 2 categories are Skills and Racials. Racials are the abilities you may learn that are specific to your race, while skills are the weapon, magic, or artisan abilities that most everyone can learn. You start with 20 xp in your main priority and 10 in your secondary, you then have 10 “free” xp to put in any increment where you want. For example: Jack is starting a human with racial as his secondary priority, and takes crafting bonus and casting bonus at 5xp each for his 10 racial xp, then decides after spending his 20 in skill that he wants his other 2 racial abilities- natural combatant(1xp) and conditioning(2xp). With his 10 free xp he spends 3xp to learn these abilities, and puts the rest in skill. You may only start will skills and abilities listed on this website, even if you know more out of game!


Gaining Xp

Each event, you gain xp just for showing up and playing! 10 xp is given to the character you choose to play at the end of each event even if you only play that character for part of the time. There are 2 other ways to gain xp for your character, Xp Bonus and A.M.(additional modules), which are explained in the Game mechanics page.


Learning Skills

Learning new skills and abilities as your character progresses is half the fun of the game. When you have “free” xp, much like the xp you get at the end of an event to use for the next one, you may either research the ability yourself or have it taught to you by someone who already has it. When you research an ability you spend 5 times its xp cost in research, then you spend your free xp to learn the skill or ability and mark it on your character sheet. If someone teaches you a skill they have, they spend the ability or skill’s xp cost in research, you spend the free xp and then you have them sign your character sheet. When signing a character sheet, make sure to include your character name, player name, and the skill or ability learned.