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Magic Spells


Level 1 Spells

Air: Charge- Adds +3 lightning to next swing

Charm: Disregard- Caster becomes invisible to target unless caster attacks target or target’s allies 

Counter: Ward- Adds 5 magic armor

Death: Rot- Kills a bleeding to death target instantly

Earth: Shift earth - “Trips” target

Fire: Cauterize- Stabilizes target

Force: Repulse- Knocks target back 5’

Life: Mend- Heals living 5 hp, harms undead 5 hp

Nature: Nature’s gift- Gives target claws until they are dispelled or target dies

Neutral: Magic dart- 3 missiles that do 1 magic damage each, when speedcasted, caster may call hold and distribute the missiles to different targets

Protection: Minor protection- -2 damage from all sources

Water: Ice shard- 3 ice damage


Level 2 Spells

Air: Gust- Target throws held weapons in a random direction

Charm: Telepathy- Caster can communicate freely with target telepathically regardless of native language

Counter: Great ward- Adds 15 magic armor

Death: Cause wounds- Harms living 10 hp, heals undead 10 hp

Earth: Pebble storm- 9 Earth damage, 3 Earth to up to 3 targets when speedcast

Fire: Fire bolt- 12 fire damage

Force: Trap- Target’s feet are stuck to the ground for duration, 8 str to resist.

Life: Remove disease- Removes all diseases from target

Nature: Nature’s caress- Caster must be touching a tree, caster merges with tree becoming unnoticeable, caster heals 4 hp per min.

Neutral: Magic Missile- 6 missiles that do 1 magic damage each(see magic dart)

Protection: Calm- Target may not attack unless attacked first.

Water: Frost armor- +10 armor to target, Melee damage done to armor is reflected at attacker as ice damage


Level 3 Spells

Air: Haste- Target gains effects of haste

Charm: Alliance- Target becomes friendly to caster. Target will not attack caster and will defend him/her unless caster attacks target.

Counter: Shield- The next spell to hit target, harmful or not, has no effect. Simply call “shield”

Death: Animate Skeleton- Turns target dead corpse into skeleton under casters control

Earth: Strength of Stone- Gives target +20 natural armor and +4 strength

Fire: Enflame Weapon- Target Weapon swings +4 Fire for duration

Force: Force Wall- Wall 10’ high and up to 10’ long impassable except by caster. Phys rep is white rope laid out on ground.

Life: Cure Wounds- Heals 15 hp to living, harms undead 15 hp

Nature: Kinship- Any natural animal that comes within 10’ acts as if struck by an “Alliance” spell.

Neutral: Dispell- Destroys all magic spells active on target.

Protection: Barrier- Next melee strike has no effect

Water: Water Walk- Target may walk on the surface of water as if it were solid ground


Level 4 Spells

Air: Lightning Bolt- A bolt that does 30 lightning damage.

Charm:  Enthrall- The target is completely enthralled with the caster and will obey them at any cost.

Counter: Reflect- The target may packet deliver the next spell they are struck with to another target as though they were the caster and remain unharmed. (only original caster’s bonuses apply to the reflected spell)

Death: Death’s Touch- The target of this spell swings for “Death” with all weapons for duration.

Earth: Stone Curse- Target is turned to stone.

Fire: Firewall- Creates a wall of fire 10’ high and up to 10’ long. Phys rep is a red rope laid out on ground. Anyone stepping on or over the rope takes 20 fire damage per second, caster is immune to their own fire wall.

Force: Empower- Target gains +6 strength for duration.

Life: Revitalize- Heals 40 hp to living and removes poison, harms undead 40 hp.

Nature: Treestride- Target may travel in a straight line from tree to tree as a spirit. Phys rep is a white headband.

Neutral: Morph- Caster packet delivers this spell targeting any person/object with a spell active in effect. They may then change the chosen active spell into another spell of equal or lesser rank, and packet deliver it to a new target.

Protection: Circle of Protection- Circle any size up to 5’ diameter, Works like wall of force, but caster may allow other items/people in if he/she is in it.

Water: Waterform- Target may manipulate any non magical body of water, ice, or steam into any other state telepathically 2 cubic feet at a time for duration.


Level 5 Spells

Air: Flight- Target gained the ability to fly for duration.

Charm: Amnesia- Target forgets the past 10 min. (there is no lapse in memory)

Counter: Silence- Target may not cast magic for duration, but may use innate abilities.

Death: Atrophy- Target may swing only 1 damage, cannot use skill, and takes double damage from all weapon strikes and spells.

Earth: Quake- Target takes 40 earth damage and calls a voice wave trip spell.

Fire: Fireball- An explosive ball of fire that does 50 fire damage to the target, and anyone within 2 feet of the target.

Force: Imprisonment- Target is rendered unable to move and is immune to weapons, cast/innate spells(except those that target the spell itself), and elemental damage for duration.

Life: Death Ward- Target does not die for the duration of this spell, instead remains bleeding for the normal duration of death, and then dissipates as normal. Base duration for this spell is 1 hour.

Nature: Nature’s Weapon- This spell summons a barbed club(counts as edged and blunt) that swings +1 magic and does double damage vs. extra planar creatures/undead.

Neutral: Magic Barrage- 10 missiles that do 5 damage each(see magic dart)

Protection: Greater Protection- Target takes –8 damage from all sources.

Water: Breathe Water- Allows character to breathe and endure any non magical aquatic environment as well as ignore movement penalties.


Level 6 Spells

Air: Nova- 50 lightning damage to a 10’ radius.

Charm: Unseen Presence- Target calls a voice wave disregard spell.

Counter: Resist Magic- Bestows target with 1 resist magic spell until used.

Death: Grant Death- Target dies, undead are fully healed.

Earth: Lesser Meteor Shower- Caster calls 3 voice wave attacks of 15 earth that do not effect the caster

Fire: Firestorm- 100 fire damage to target.

Force: Explode- Everyone within 10’ is repulsed back 10’ and takes 30 force damage.

Life: Life’s Essence- Brings a dead target back to life at full hp.or kills undead.

Nature: Force of Nature- All extra planar creatures and undead within 10’ take 75 magic damage and are repulsed 10’.

Neutral: Prolong Magics- Changes base duration of any spell to 1 hour.

Protection: Sanctuary- Target is turned into a spirit and may turn back on a 3 count

Water: Blizzard- Everyone within 10’ takes 20 ice damage and is incased in ice and takes 1 ice damage per second, 14 strength to resist being incased.


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